About Us

The flagship store on Drottninggatan-61 has had the same name for decades, but the current owner bought it in 1992 with his company Thumbs Up AB.

The company was founded in the spring of 1986 and had a couple of shops in Old Town and of them is only one left today and runs under the same name as the flagship store.

The goods were at the beginning of the company’s history mainly purchased in India and some products from Pakistan, but in the early 1990s as increased manufacturing and wholesale business in England so the company found the vendors there and also in Holland where there were products of good quality and low price.

But as time flew past the Paris became the most attractive place for wholesale products so they turned their attention to new suppliers there and even today buys garment from there together with suppliers in the town of Prato, Italy. In Prato they have the latest Italian designs, fabrics and colors for the different seasons.

The business concept and vision of the organization is to deliver the latest fashions at affordable prices and keep on doing it without changing much and keep on delivering the same quality goods so that an expansion of operations may be slow but steady.

The business operations are controlled by the family owners to 100% without help from any outside organization such as banks or venture capitalist companies.